GunTracker 2.4

Bangzoom has created the first software designed for the gun collector

Bangzoom has created the first software in the world specifically designed for the gun collector.
GunTracker is an inventory tool designed as an inventory pricing guide and a whole lot more. Collection - Track every aspect of your collection including serial number, storage location, date acquired and much more. Wish List - Create a list of wanted items to take to gun shows or auctions. Know how much a gun is worth before you buy or trade. Full Text Search - You will be able to search by any one attribute or by a group of attributes to narrow your search. For example if you type 357, the program will bring up every item in your database that has the 357 in it. If you type "357 revolver nickel", the program will bring up every 357 Nickel Revolver that is in the BBGV's data base. Custom Views & Reports - Using a wizard, you can select the fields that you want to see. For example, if you want a report that shows only the make, model, serial number, and date aquired you can create a view with only those fields. You will further be able to sort the order that the data is displayed. From this view, you can print a custom report. Multiple Collections - Organize your collection by make, model, or storage location. Or have a separate collection for each member of your family.

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